The Red Lipstick Revolution

Women: what happens when you wear a red lipstick? What is the reaction of people around you?

The other morning I was getting ready for work and going through my make-up I found a red lipstick I bought for a party and never wore again. I decided I was going to wear it to go to the office. It was my personal sign of embodying the equal humanity mission I am on.

I wore my red lipstick and head to the office holding hands with the good girl who is afraid to appear less smart, less credible, too feminine and with the wild woman so excited to fight for her freedom. Walking in my vulnerability and trying to integrate the two parts debating in my mind. I was afraid of being noticed and to be judged.

Silly comments on my red lips arrived both from men and women. The point isn’t receiving a silly comment rather than a nice one. We must be aware that women and men are held to double standards and we, women, not only allow it, we perpetuate it. I myself that morning labeled and judged myself fearing of not being appropriate. I myself took away freedom and equality from myself.

The unconscious bias we carry around and how we label situations and humans concerns me even more than the scary low number of women on boards or leadership positions. What is the point of having whatever number of women on boards if we then keep them hostage and deny or shame their nature?

My red lips did not add or take away anything from my leadership skills. I am not suddenly less credible or less smart because of it, I do not become somebody else because I wear a red lipstick. I believe that actually we become somebody else and lose who we are when trying to fit in. True leadership starts with self and by embodying our values every day, with or without lipstick.

Women of business, women of science, women of politics, women on boards, whoever you are what happens when you paint your lips in red? Share with me your stories and your photos. We need to actively play a role in dismantling inequality and write new stories of inclusion. We get to name ourselves and not label ourselves. Take the time to stand up for yourself and attend the red lipstick revolution.

I want to portray women in different fields and functions wearing red lipstick at work. Please share your story and your photos. Increase awareness to create a real change and a more inclusive society. Share your own story of liberation and transformation. Portray yourself in a selfie or ask a colleague to hold your hand and take a picture of you. Send it to me and I will post it together with your story.

The Red Lipstick Revolution needs all of us.


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