A year long celebration of Freedom, Love and r-Evolution


What does it mean to have a meaningful life?
An interesting question to pose in a world that is meaningless without our making sense of it. We want inspiration, purpose, care. What else? 

We want Freedom, how? Love, how? r-Evolution, how - and according to whom?

It is a slow process and sometimes we need to go through a r-evolution to transform and evolve. To transform the world we must be willing to be transformed.

Freevolution is not a book you read; you are the author of this book, the book of your life. It brings the value of poetry into your life and exploration of yourself and your world, providing the chance for real insight and long-lasting change. You will have a personalized journal and record of your development to treasure. 

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Watch the trailer by clicking on the image.

Watch the trailer by clicking on the image.