What if you can think of work in the context of awe and wonder & not only in terms of analysis and utilitarianism


My desire, with this book, is to guide a practice and explore the human aspect of the leadership’s experience. We will tap into the power of imagination and language a leader must access with integrity and awareness to lead effectively self, then others and subsequently change.

Why poetry? Poetry can re-affirm our humanity and re-awaken our inner wisdom. It can help us remember what makes us alive…Our art… Or as I call it heart.

The Poetry of Leadership is part of a robust offering of talks, workshops and programs that use storytelling, poetry and heart in an innovative and yet practical methodology that has helped leaders and teams to reach their goals, tap into their creativity, broaden their awareness and improve trust within the organisations they lead.


You will never know till you stand up

There is enough space within you

Space to contain the multitudes

Stand up

Speak up

Say no

No to fragmentation

No to moving faster

Slow down

Know your multitudes

Learn what moves inside and outside them

Turn towards the truth

Stand up

Speak up

The Whisper said

I want to talk business in rhyme

(As presented at TEDx Lugano September 2017)

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