Fateme Banishoeib


I am a business heARTist and the founder of ReNEWBusiness a collective creative laboratory that guides visionary leaders and organizations to transform business into inclusive, innovative communities. Together we create cultures of inclusion, evoke leadership in everyone, and amplify engagement. I have overseen quality & operations in numerous corporations globally - from the United States to Europe to Switzerland. I bring the heart and the mind of a polymath to organisational development:  a trained chemist’s astute analytic capacity to manage complexity & high quality with a published poet’s human sensibility to inspire the human being at the center of any thriving organization. 

As a business strategist I develop solutions customized for your needs and that inspire your teams to take action. My talks have been said to transform how people think. 

I am a published author and poet, my collection of poems: The Whisper, charts the journey of leadership of self before the leadership of others. Complement it with The Poetry of Leadership for practicing and evolving your leadership presence. I have also published a self-help journal, Freevolution, for people who want to become their truest and highest self.