Fateme Banishoeib


I’m a strategic leadership consultant for teams and organizations seeking transformational change that leads to more engaged employees and customers. 

My specialty is creating cultures of innovation and inclusion. I understand corporate environments from having spent years leading them as a Fortune 500 executive. I’m based in Basel, and work with clients all over the world.

I give talks on leadership and human-centered business. I have also published a book of poetry called The Whisper, which charts the journey of leadership of self before the leadership of others



After earning a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry, I went to work in the pharmaceutical industry because my lifelong dream has been to save lives. Even as a child, whenever someone skinned a knee or complained of a headache, I was always first on the scene with my homemade first aid kit.

I spent a decade leading Quality Assurance projects and teams, and ultimately served as Global Head of Quality Operations for Novartis. My experience includes turning around organizations, breaking down silos between operations and building diverse, global teams for true collaboration and innovation. 

My consulting business grew out of a desire to help leaders at other organizations to build the kinds of innovative and inclusive cultures that I’ve learned to create over and over again. Colleagues have long known me as someone who thinks big, shoots straight and takes great care.

I come from a seaside city in the south of Italy, but feel as much at home in Basel as in San Francisco and Buenos Aires.