Create a Work Culture like a Piece of Art.  


ReNew Business is a creative laboratory and consulting firm that guides visionary leaders who want to innovate the way they do business.

Together we lead change, create cultures of inclusion and evoke leadership in everyone.


A New Model for Business

A business model based on humane inclusion and integrated leadership builds a resilient workforce poised to flourish instead of perish in these volatile times.

Such an integrated business ReNEWal is possible. In a time when organizations are fracturing, Fateme Banishoeib and ReNEW Business build dynamic and resilient organizations based on  inclusive culture and integrated leadership.

ReNEWBusiness guides leaders and organisations to move from merely process orientation to human centred design providing expanded awareness, improved relationship & communication and access to the re-genartive power of creativity.

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Business heartist.001.jpeg

“I am a Business heARTist on a  mission to bring back the heART to business and make it a HUMAN experience.”

— fateme banishoeib, FOUNDER


Fateme Banishoeib is a Global Business Strategist, a Poet and a Chemist who knows how to change Complex Systems into Healing Systems. She is often called a mystic maverick who has the human being’s welfare at the center of business.

Fateme gives talks and workshops around the world about human-centered business.

Her writings and collection of poems inspire people to discover a new sense of mission and purpose. 

Watch Fateme’s interview for VIANEWS Agency on Humanizing Business