Most businesses rely on ways of working designed 100 years ago. Today we need new and different structures.


A New Model for Business

Business is made by and for people. Innovative CEOs and efficient processes aren’t enough. Truly innovative organizations have cultures that give all employees—not just a select few—what they need to generate the ideas that create value. They are inclusive by design.

ReNew Business is a think tank and consulting firm that helps leaders to make business a HUMAN experience. We work with visionary leaders on leading change, leadership development and diversity + inclusion.

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“My mission is to make business a HUMAN experience.”

— fateme banishoeib, FOUNDER


Fateme Banishoeib is a strategic leadership consultant with a focus on change management and designing teams for innovation and inclusion. She understands corporate environments from having spent years leading them as a Fortune 500 executive.

Fateme gives talks and workshops around the world about human-centered business.

She's also a poet. Her most recent collection of poems, The Whisper, is a lyrical conversation that helped her discover a new sense of mission and integration. 

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