How Journaling can loosen your fear of rejection

Too often we say we want a certain thing and deep dow we think we shouldn't or couldn't have it. We doubt. Or we think that getting something will make us feel better, accepted, loved…

Here some guiding questions for you to start a self-reflecting practice:

  • Who are you, when you’re no longer hooked on approval, caught on the fear of rejection? 

  • How and where do you hide your true-self for fear of being rejected? 

After you have spent some time self-reflecting and journaling on those questions, I invite you to move throughout your day feeling your truer and more expansive you, the one that grows in the tension between the fear and the desire. Follow the call of your true desires, moment to moment, and discover where they lead you.

These are only some of the self-reflecting questions you can start using to practice how to feel better and detach the feeling from external achievements. Self-reflection is the fulcrum to which we apply the lever of our genius, willingness and power to create our lives as we want them. We feel fulfilled by creating with joy, by serving with love and grace.

Self-reflection when practiced regularly boosts resilience and improves wellbeing. The answers are already within you, do not seek them outside unless you want to live by somebody else’s standards.

Focus on feeling accepted right now within you… Chances are that what you want might follow with less effort or at least less fear and hiding from your side.

Journaling is a wonderful way to practice self-reflection. When we reflect — which is different from thinking or overthinking — we focus on feelings, desires, and truly learn a bit more about ourselves. The focus is on learning, not on judging, about your inner world and the impact you have on the outer world. Self-reflection is an essential part of a holistic approach to healing. Without it we can’t deeply understand what is in our inner world and without it we can’t find the best possible solutions for ourselves.

Sometimes it can be challenging to know where or how to begin on this journey of continued self-reflection. Using prompts can inspire new thoughts and help you out of a potential block. With this intention, I have created a year long journal, Freevolution, which is full of inspiration, practices, mantras, and images to help you create more freedom, love and ‘r-evolve’ whole in your life.

Freevolution 1-day workshop (3).jpg

If you are ready to take the next step of your journey and break through the limitations that are holding you back from living the life you are meant for, learn more about Freevolution. It is my desire with Freevolution to connect you with a movement of seekers who are committed to fill their lives with more creativity. It will support you for a year-long journey with guidance, inspiration to build new rituals, shift your perception, and create your path back home to your whole self.

This is an excerpt from Freevolution, may it lead you back to your highest and truest self. 


We developed a full series of workshops and retreats to guide you on how to re-discover and re-connect with your own creative power for more Freedom, Love and r-Evolution. Get in contact of you wish to discover more.