My talks inspire people to trust their own voice, vision, and values to transform their workplaces into communities. 

What if you could bring your heART to work  in a way that elevates, innovates and inspires? What if the future of business was in the heART ? Watch my TEDx talk on the Professions of the Future and learn how Poetry benefits the future of Business.

Diversity is a Burden. 


Diversity is meaningless without inclusion.  This talk discusses inclusion and how it is key to deliver the potential of diversity and what it takes to create it. 

Withdraw HR: more BEINGS less Resources


What if we rehumanize business? What if we change the way we hire, measure performance and reward people. What would be the result? This talk explores the benefits of human-centered business and ways to achieve it. 

Evoking Leadership in everyone.


Building and leading thriving organisations for the 21st is going to take a shift in how we think about leadership – one that evokes individual leadership in each one of us. This talk is designed for those who want to lead the way for themselves, their people and their organisations.

Lean Back in the era of Lean In

TEDx Basel.jpg

There is a drum beat for women to Lean In, do more, be stronger. What about the whisper inside of us? When leaning in led to burnout this woman who has achieved great success in her field, discovered a voice within inviting to lean back. 

Innovation: Beyond the Brainstorm


How do you really innovate? Do we throw innovative people in a room with a whiteboard and colorful post-it notes? You might get a few good ideas … but this approach doesn’t create continuous innovation. What does inclusion have to do with innovation? This talk offers insights on building organizations that encourage innovation.


Workshops that give people hands-on experiences with new ways of working.

My workshops & programs are customized to help visionary leaders, creative entrepreneurs  and innovative organisations to ReNEW business with care, courage, & creativity.

I use Storytelling, Poetry and heART  in a completely innovative and yet practical methodology that has helped leaders and teams to reach their goals, tap into their creativity, broaden their awareness and improve trust within the organization. These experiences are completely customisable for you to reach a new level of communication with both your customers and team members. 

Let’s connect to discover, design and deliver an inspiring experience.