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Diversity and Inclusion | The Dilemma of the Promise

Diversity and Inclusion programs have become part of many corporate HR practices in recent years — but have they worked for women?


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The Hidden Bias | Challenging Cultural Biases Through Travel

Travel and other opportunities to experience diversity can help us reveal and release our hidden biases


HER Network

Are Women Less Self-Confident Than Men?

There are plenty of studies that look into reasons why there are only few women leaders and even less in the C level of corporations. One of the theories around such low numbers argues that women are less self confident than men in the workplace.


Lean Back in the Era of Lean in

I presented my poem "Lean Back" at TEDx Basel. You can read about my experience and topic on the TEDx Blog.

TEDx Basel 

May 2016



February 2017

My recipe to ReNew business

If we want to create a true change we need to start looking at conflict as the medium where the innovative idea grows and no longer as a battle field. We need flexibility to fail and make errors. This might seem a paradox in a high demanding and competing world.



October 2016

Are women and men equally capable of serving as top corporate leaders?

If you are now telling yourself that you have no discomfort nor bias, let’s do a quick test all together. Close your eyes and picture a CEO. Is that person wearing a suit or a dress? Chances are, you’re not picturing a lady.



June 2016

Talking Business in Poetry

There was my corporate job, my academic life, the achiever, the doctor and then there was poetry. Light and shadow in it all, but never integrated.


Elephant Journal

June 2016

Boardroom Poetry: The Whisper

Poetry brings a desire for resolution and for closure. It is this exact desire that is the common ground with business.