Traveling to Tibet was one of those dreams. At times walking heavily; at others flying lightly. 


This collection of poems and photographs grew out of a trip to Tibet. It explores the desire to know other territories and discover what makes all us human. 





Beautifully hidden
Beckoning uncertainty
Intricacies of existences
Befriend the enemy
Once a friend maybe
Capable of illusions and magic
Like playing cards on a snowy night under the fire

Two sides of a coin
Spiritual and consumerism
Chosen by what we bring to duality
Dualities and realities
Among demons and deities
The yak butter burning for luminous understanding

The most complex conversation
Between ignorance and inner knowledge
One by one everything falls
Mountains holding up the mirrors of holy waters
Where the fruit of truth plays the game of life
Or survival

The very essence of being on the journey to Nirvana
From here to there
From present to future
Where to care deeply for what we find along the way

Stripped the unnecessary of our desires
Asking for the ultimate letting go