Talks that inspire people to think differently about innovation, inclusion and leadership.


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Odd Man Out: Diversity isn't enough

Often the focus is on diversity and diversity is meaningless without inclusion. What does it matter if you have met your quota of women or people of color or millennials, if these people’s participation isn’t welcome or encouraged? This talk discusses inclusion and how it is key to deliver the potential of diversity and what it takes to create it. 


The Promise of Human-Centered Business

Business is made by people and for people. The current way of doing business has become dehumanized which leads to low engagement, no innovation and poor efficiency. What if we rehumanize business? What if we change the way we hire, measure performance and reward people. What would be the result? This talk explores the benefits of human-centered business and ways to achieve it. 


You Say Tomato: Getting Global Teams Working Together

Globalization has brought people from everywhere in the world to work, share workplaces, interact and influence each other. How do you bridge differences and help people work together? This talk discusses common pitfalls, best practices and inspring examples of success. 


How do you really innovate? Do we throw innovative people in a room with a whiteboard and colorful post-it notes? You might get a few good ideas … but this approach doesn’t create continuous innovation. What does inclusion have to do with innovation? This talk offers insights on building organizations that encourage innovation.

Innovation: Beyond the Brainstorm


Workshops that give people hands-on experiences with new ways of working.

Writing is an important way of knowing, thinking and feeling. Through writing we can start a conscious co-creation and sharing of stories -- both the stories we tell and the stories we live. By sharing our stories we invite each other into our worlds. This enhances our interconnectedness, shared awareness and possibilities for fruitful interaction. Participants will get to experience the power of writing to connect to themselves and each other.  

Writing our way to inclusion


Developing Emotional Intelligence has many benefits for leaders and their organizations. Poetry, at its essence, is about seeking the truth and expanding awareness. It's mindfulness in words and can help build the connection between rational and emotional. This workshop introduces participants to poetry as a tool to develop their leadership.

Talking business in poetry