Developing human-centered leaders and organizations.


We offer solutions to create products, services, and experiences that put humans at the center and make business more human. 

OUR areas of specialty

  • Leading Change

  • Culture Mastery

  • Diversity & Inclusion


  • Leadership & Talent Development

  • Purpose driven Culture

  • Strategic Executive guidance


The Challenge

Organizational leadership is shifting from once-stable top-down hierarchies to fluid ecosystems. Once-longtime loyal employees are flexible freelancers & remote contractors.

All of this change creates distrust, burnout, high turnover, and general discord in the workplace.

Top talent once happy to have high pay with benefits now want work cultures that respect their humanity. They see work as a vehicle for personal growth. They want their work to matter.

And you? You want to create a healthier organization, but how do you balance the needs for profit against the needs of people? Are you ready to lead your organization through this discord? 



As an executive and team leader you can be challenged with team members who:

  1. resist change,

  2. work in silo and

  3. lack a sense of accountability or responsibility.

These are the side effects of the lack of a collective purpose that drives a working community.

Imagine instead your company as a Community where:

  1. employees are self-driven and self-directed by a common purpose,

  2. collaboration has replaced conflict,

  3. trust is the foundation of any interaction.

You can create a community where each team member is self-motivated by a common purpose. 

A clear purpose, will serve your organisation to navigate both the difficult challenges and the new opportunities of doing business in the 21st Century.Get in contact with us to move forward.


Leadership Development Program

Business ReNEWal starts with self-leadership to then lead change. In this Program we address first the mindsets and perceptions that at the individual level condition why, what & how we are in business. Leadership is about engaging in a creative conversation with the complexity of our being and the world around us. It is not about your competencies. It is your capacity to ReNEW yourself and inspire others to follow your lead. We first gather a profound understanding of your individual make-up and then guide you to experiment with the heart of becoming your truest and highest self. We inspire you to lead your teams and business with integrity. The integrity of being your whole self no longer trapped by a role too small for you to thrive.

Become the leader you always aspired to be and that encourages and honours leadership in others. 


As a conscious executive, visionary entrepreneur, or business owner, your potential as a leader can get thwarted by personnel issues and daily operations. Team members aren’t engaged or collaborating effectively.  You lose trust, focus and confidence. 

It is possible for you to keep your eyes on the big-picture strategy while still leading a team that’s engaged, accountable, and aligned with your core values.

It is possible for you to restore trust in your own voice as a leader and in the people you lead.

Unleash your true potential.


Rigid methodologies never worked for me or my teams. Instead, the ReNew Business approach works with you to understand your challenges and objectives. I draw upon more than 15 years of experience leading high-performing teams and organisations across the globe to tailor a solution to meet your situation and needs. 

We will always ask you two questions before starting our work together:

  • How do we grow the well-being of an organization and of the individuals within an organization?

  • What is the experience you want to have and give while you do what you do?

Our approach is grounded in asking different questions to allow a NEW way of being in business. 

A strong network of trusted experts is available for partnership as needed.

ReNew Business Approach