Can we transform business through ART?


If we want to change the course business has taken we must enter the intersection of rational and emotional, creative and logic, scientific and humanistic and apprehend the literacy to express a new paradigm. It is the path of Business heARTists working at these intersections with paradoxes, complexities and tensions to ReNEW Business.




ReNEW Business workshops & programs are developed to help visionary leaders, creative entrepreneurs  and innovative organisations to “ReNEW Business” with care, courage, & creativity. We guide you to:

  • ReNEW your Purpose —> Re-discover a collective purpose that drives a working community where each team member is fulfilled, self-motivated and thriving.

  • ReNEW your Business —> Transform the mindsets & beliefs that shape why, what and how you are in business.

  • ReNEW your Leadership —> Lead with the integrity of being your whole self no longer trapped by a role too small for you to thrive.

The use of Storytelling, Poetry and heART  in a completely innovative and yet practical methodology has helped leaders and teams to reach their goals, tap into their creativity, broaden their awareness and improve trust within the organization. You will reach a new level of connection and communication with your customers and team members. 


ReNew Business Approach


When we think, act and feel like an heARTist, we enter into a deeper dialogue with the world and allow a NEW way of being in business. What questions would you ask if you were the heARTist of your work? How your human experience of work would change?

Before starting our work together, reflect on the following questions:

  • Who do you need to become to transform your experience of work into a more humane one?

  • What is the experience you want to have and give while you do what you do?

  • How do we grow the well-being of an organization and of the individuals within an organization?

Let’s connect to discover, design and deliver together an inspiring experience for you and your teams.