Developing human-centered leaders and organizations for the 21st century.


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  • Leading Change 
  • Culture Mastery
  • Diversity + Inclusion

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Human-centered organizations are very different from how we’ve been doing business since Henry Ford created the assembly line. Efficiency was the watchword of the industrial age, integrity is the word of the future. Integrity is about giving your best, doing the right thing, building bridges and resolving problems when they occur. It’s what generates trust among employees, customers, shareholders and the greater world. It’s also what makes true collaboration and continuous innovation possible.


Areas of Specialty


Leading Change 

While restructuring efforts and integrations are increasingly common in the business environment, change can be challenging. 

How do you deliver innovation? How do you decide what changes are most needed? How do you make the change plan transparent so that people don’t fear it and embrace it. How do you inspire people to be active advocates for change? What can you do to attract talent? 

Develop the clear vision, strategy, architecture and plan to move forward.


Culture Mastery

Teams are increasingly diverse, dispersed and global. Leaders must know how to quickly understand different mindsets and cultures to build teams that work together well. They need to identify the unique strengths and weaknesses of the team and architect an environment that plays to the opportunities. 

How do you get Baby Boomers rolling with Millennials, Brazilians with Swedes, right-brained creative types with left-brained technologist? How do you develop your talent and teach them conflict resolution? How do you establish clear roles and embolden the team to make decisions and innovate?

Unleash the true potential of your teams.


Diversity + Inclusion

Diversity is a boon for innovation, but bias and conflict often get in the way. 

How do you create a culture of curiosity that can get beyond bias? How do you create a dynamic that encourages everyone to speak up and resolve the inevitable conflicts that come with diversity?

Create a truly inclusive culture that encourages and honors participation from all team members. 


Creating transformational change requires someone who can evaluate the status quo and hear what wants to come forward. Someone who knows how to ask the kinds of questions that surface the under-the-radar information that really matters. Someone who knows all about the unspoken challenges of managing the political landscape — up, down and across — but isn’t caught up in it. That’s where ReNew Business comes in. 

Rigid methodologies never worked for me or my teams. Instead, the ReNew Business approach works with you to understand your challenges and objectives. I draw upon my years of experience leading teams and organizations to tailor a solution to meet your situation and needs. 

This may include conducting evaluations and assessments, developing a strategic plan, designing team structures, creating leadership development programs or facilitating workshops. A strong network of likeminded experts is at the ready for partnership as needed.

ReNew Business Approach